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Cheers to women... doing whatever they want!

International Women’s Day has stirred up some pretty significant feelings for me this year. I have worked so hard in the past 2-3 years to figure it all out, to grow to develop, to build! Last year, on this day, I wrote: “I’m celebrating by looking inward, by achieving personal milestones, by doing work for my business, by planning my next steps, and also by supporting others in their quest for whatever they are going after. I’m celebrating me, you, them... It’s important that we acknowledge that moving forward and being strong means work, it means setting achievable goals, creating relationships, it means connections. This doesn’t happen alone, it doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen by chance. We have decisions to make on a daily basis and it’s never too late to understand what those are, work at making them fit into a solid plan and checking them off as successes!” In the winter/spring 2019, I was revamping my business, I was restarting, I was headed to San Fr

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