How I got to where I am... and why I needed to!

When I start LMDSolutions, it was out of necessity. 

I knew I wanted the consultant work style and ultimately the lifestyle. 

I always worked in jobs that required me to be SUPER creative. I have been the founder of a research department, I have been part of the founding team of a brand new organization, I have managed a portfolio that was unknown to the executive team, and I have started many projects that just didn’t exist before I came on!

This is NOT easy.  It takes a toll on your confidence. You’re often the only person managing the portfolios. You have to be creative on the daily and oftentimes, you’re developing policy and procedures that just didn’t exist. This takes grit. It takes a lot of entrepreneurship and also, a lot of strategic planning.

I often sat at my desk thinking HOW THE HELL am I going to tie in all the pieces.  Or, I’m not quite sure how to make this all work. These seemed like limiting thoughts. These seemed like struggles. 

I eventually burnt out from that!

Being in a creative position, often limited by administrative processes, is not easy. 

This all changed once I opted to start my OWN venture. LMDSolutions was born from this chaos. 
With my own venture, I could put these 10 years of experience running brand new departments into running a company! 
I could create my own strategic plan… my own processes… and dabble in different tasks!

This doesn’t come without its challenges! There have been many ups and downs. There have been many risks. Even some months without pay. 
I have learned a lot. I have learned what I am good at. I have learned to trust my gut and my values. 

Why am I telling you this? 
All experiences are beneficial!
If you’re in a job that might not feel like it’s moving you forward or you’re not feeling challenged, ask yourself why?
What are you doing NOW that you will transfer to another job?

You can brainstorm that RIGHT NOW and see if you’re actually using to its full potential. 

I have recently worked with people who felt stuck like this… and supported their journey to a more fulfilling life that suits their goals, their values, and what they LIKE doing. 

It’s matter of asking yourself the right questions, but doing this is sometimes difficult when you just feel an overwhelming feeling of being stuck and moving nowhere fast!

If you're looking to chat about similar goals and how to achieve them, I offer a free 45 minutes Exploration Call to go over your needs. We define your goals and see if you could qualify for a spot in The Solutions Experience, where I support the changes you would like to see with coaching and tools!


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