Want some motivational quotes to start the day?

 I love a good motivational quote, don’t you? Sometimes, we just never know how one might affect us on any given day! 

I’ve gone ahead and compiled a few that I have created and shared based on my coaching series, experiences, and conversations with clients. 

1. “I’m evolving and it’s so damn beautiful.”
This one is something I hear all the time after a few sessions! It’s so awesome to hear changes in perspectives, mindsets shifts, and to see goals being achieved! I get just as much out of this as YOU do! 

2. “People are busy and rarely do we get to talk about what that really means and how ‘not stopping’ affects us so deeply.”
This is so important and I’ve experienced this over the last two years doing the Oasis Challenge. I take a moment every day to stop and think about how I need to stop and think about things. So important to discuss this openly. 

3. “You don’t have a time management problem.”
This is one of the leading challenges that brings clients to me. People are always surprised to hear me say “You don’t have a time management problem... you have...”.

To help explain this, I created a whole talk about this called “Understanding Time” that goes through all the reasons why things don’t get done. I love seeing the Ah-Ha Moments on people’s faces. I’ll be hosting another one of these in the fall - stay tuned!

4. “Go Where Life Leads”
This is my personal motto. Something I have always thrived to do - because somehow life knows.

5. “I love to see you shine”
This is my business slogan! I absolutely DO love to see you shine in all aspects. It brings me so much happiness and joy, pride and giddiness! Often times, during sessions, there are “Goosebump moments” where things just click and it’s get super REAL! Love it!

Also, I spend most of my time pointing the spotlight on you and don’t be surprised if I start referring people to you after we’ve met. I can’t help but spread the love! 

6. “You can’t know what you don’t know. Ask more questions.”
Unlocking this magical power has come with experience, time and the right tools in my toolbox. I love coaching towards this because it serves tofind solutions on your own terms, through your experience and needs. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with not knowing, it’s how we learn and grow! 

Hope you enjoyed these and that they bring you something to think about today.

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