"I have a time management problem"

This is likely the biggest struggle that you come to see me with. I have done workshops on this topic and talked at length about this very thing during planning sessions.
It's so common and despite following all the productivity gurus and hearing TIME AND TIME again how to make your goals happen, it's still not sticking!

If you’re a super busy, overwhelmed and stressed out person READ ON as I give a few tips on how to save yourself a lot of time, frustration, and headaches.

A client once came to me with this very concern... and as  I listened to her tell me about the things she couldn't get done, and the schedule being so packed, and being torn and pulled in every direction, I asked her three SIMPLE questions:

1. What are you trying to achieve over all and how do you want to feel?
2. Have you taken the time to break down all these tasks?
3. What is your timeline?

She couldn't answer these with certainty. She tried to do it on the spot, and she tried to provide me a vague idea of what she wanted and how she was going to get there... She gave me a 2 year deadline to make it happen... and then ended with: "I just can't seem to make this happen, or know what comes next!"

There are too many people out there who have a hard time achieving "time management" and confidently getting things done! Why?
Well... There are several factors... but it usually revolves around the fact that they don't take time to figure out what they want, and they don't anchor it into a larger framework.

They are just not putting the proper steps in place OR don’t quite know what to prioritize and why… This is totally NORMAL!

And when they are constantly bombarded with these challenges in their life, it’s hard to get them to get their head out of the weeds and realize they're making the same mistake in many areas of their life.

This is not helping them. In fact it's causing them a lot of harm.

I get it because I’ve been there too, and I have helped many others go through this. 

If this is you, first you have got to accept that what you’re doing is not working.

So instead of continuing with the overwhelm and having to live with the struggle of never getting much of anything done, here’s what you can do to start putting in place the right pieces to feel like you’re on TOP of things:

#1 - Focus on defining the goal. This will ALWAYS help to figure out how to move forward!

#2 - Focus on who and what is involved in this process. This will help you to figure out the actions that need to take place!

#3 - Focus on being consistent and mindful moving forward. This will ensure that you’re not letting your goal go stale over time!

Even if you can consistently do ONE of these, you’ll finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And you’ll experience clarity, without so much overwhelm!

Does this make sense?

Being able to target results, put the pieces in place to achieve them, and use these strategies over and over in all aspects of your life will help you to gain momentum!!

The Solutions Experience is my signature program that brings you through the process of creating solid, efficient and result-oriented plans! It works every time! 

But first, you have to feel what it feels like to GET SOMETHING DONE!

This is why I put together My 6 step system for busy women (and men) who want to calm anxiety & feel in control without therapy, meditation or finding time they don't have for a spa day” 

Try it for yourself for free!! 

You also get access to my Free Facebook Group called Solutions Café where I share regular free content to tackle issues JUST LIKE THIS!


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