Women Talk Design Workshop: 3 things I learned in San Francisco

In April, I had the opportunity to take part in a Women Talk Design workshop at Google in San Francisco, California!
As I rode public transportation and walked to the event, I kept thinking about where I was and what I was doing. I was in the moment. I was going to Google! I was going to be surrounded by inspiring women who all had stories to tell!

As a woman, as an entrepreneur, as a girl from Sudbury, a small Northern Ontario city, I would have never imagined this could happen. Well, in fact I did imagine it, but I never knew it was possible. 

This year I am taking big leaps. I am saying “yes” to opportunity and I am not taking myself for granted. 
I am thrilled to be taking risks and seeking out the resources I need to enhance my value. 

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the most wonderful souls and chatted with such interesting women from all over the world!  This session was created and presented to help women, mostly in the tech industry, to overcome their fears, learn how to design a talk topic, and to learn valuable tips and tricks to presenting their knowledge. 

I learned three important things that day, unrelated to the content shared:

1. We're all learning how to do this.

2. We all have amazing stories to tell. 

3. Everyone in that room was taking a risk. 

As I sat there within the first three minutes of the workshop, all I wanted to do was cry. Not because I didn’t feel equipped, but because I felt instantly validated by our hosts Danielle and Sara. 
I was amongst peers. Amongst women who felt free to talk about public speaking, about having a voice and about sharing knowledge. The format was so inclusive, welcoming and honest.

I’m thankful for this experience, and I’m also so proud of myself for going out there, on my own, and following my dream of sharing my experiences with the world. We all have something to say, in our way, and this brings value to others. Never underestimate yourself!


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