LMDSolutions is celebrating 2 months of awesome by saying "Thank You"

Two months! This week I celebrate two months of relaunching, redesigning and most of all, experimenting with LMDSolutions! It’s been an incredible launch and I’d like to thank you! 

During these past 2 months, I’ve been overwhelmed by your support and by your generosity, by your welcoming embrace into the local entrepreneur community and by the connections that have happened and continue to happen daily. I’m thrilled to be working locally, to be supporting organizations and entrepreneurs that live and breathe everything that Greater Sudbury has to offer (and beyond!). It has felt like home, thank you!  

I’ve established an active online presence, trying to portray the passions that I have, as well as the services I have to offer. In the last few weeks, I launched my new website lmdsolutions.ca and your feedback has been amazing! Thank you!

I’ve been blogging too! Have you seen the articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? I’m thrilled to be focusing on the topics I love, all the while sharing the knowledge that I’ve acquired over the last 20 years working in various roles and now as a consultant. Thank you for being there through it all. 

Merci, to the team at Radio-Canada, who invited me this month to speak on air about the world of consulting (see interview here). It’s important to me that people understand the work and opportunities that this type of work offers to individuals, organizations and communities. Je suis très reconnaissante!

Thanks to the wonderful networks that have been supporting me and seeking out my services, I've done workshops, one-on-one sessions and talks on strategic planning, time management and mindfulness. I appreciate having the connection with the participants and motivating them to achieve the changes they want to see, personally and professionally. The discussions have been enriching, thank you!

In April, I travelled to San Francisco for a work retreat. There, I got to work diligently on my business ideas, my website and my workshops. I had the opportunity to attend a public speaking training session at Google through Women Talk Design, meet amazing people from around the world and experience the work and design culture buzz of the city! What an amazing adventure! 

Throughout all the changes, I have had the honour of participating in the Starter Company Plus Program offered by the Regional Business Centre . 25+ entrepreneurs are stepping out of their comfort zones, learning together, building their businesses and really networking together to find leads, efficiencies, and friendships! It’s been such a thought-provoking process. Hats off to us all, trying to navigate week after week!

All in all, I’m not only proud of the work that I’ve been able to accomplish in the last few months, I’m also very proud to be finding my roots here, working with people in the community, feeling grounded and moving forward surrounded by a network of entrepreneurs, friends, family and a community that is nothing short of amazing! 

Thank you! 



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