We have great goals - but what happens a few weeks in?

Tell me if you have done this: you have this really great idea or a lofty goal, you're so motivated to organize it all! You buy the PERFECT JOURNAL at the book store - like the BEST ONE that wasn't even on sale because it was SOOOO aesthetically pleasing and PERFECT for the project you're working on!

You sit down at Starbucks and you fill out the first blank pages: writing all the tasks, and ideas, and you even create a list of action tasks. You're all set to start and to reach this amazing end result! 

You put the journal in your purse, and head home, head stuffed with ideas!
You get home, take the journal out and place it next to your bed, or on the coffee table - because that's where you'll get to it next time.
You plop down on the couch, super satisfied by your brainstorming exercise, turn on Netflix, binge a few shows, and then go to bed.
The journal might go untouched for a few days... (It's OK, it's written down!) You might not even go back to it for weeks.

If you do, you have to FIND that motivation. "What did I mean by that? Where was that idea going? Oh gosh, I was supposed to do that this week..."

You know the drill! Life got in the way! You DO work! You had errands! You didn't have time!
Too many times busy women suffer from overwhelm but they continue to pile things on to their already long list of stuff to do! (Even though they have the lofty goals and plans!)

In reality this isn’t helping anyone. Especially if they’re an overachiever or a people pleaser.

So if this is your reality, and you’re still adding things to your to-do list without getting results, here’s why ADDING MORE STUFF TO YOUR LIST is causing your goal to go stale:

When my clients insist on doing it all, it actually works against accomplishing the major goals and priorities they have. But most of them are just unaware of it. So for a long time, they continue to struggle day to day with time management, frazzle, and running from one thing to the next.

And just when they thought they had to live with this sequence of actions forever, they learn that there is another way!

They have a breakthrough when they hear that a set of systematic steps exist to break down the task lists and get through them!

My clients start evaluating goals, challenges and tasks differently! They start getting really clear on what they are trying to accomplish, on what results they want and how they want to feel once they get there! They start putting the pieces in place to ensure success. These steps ensure follow-through for them in a way they had never done before, as well as clarity!

I seriously get so giddy knowing that they have cracked the code! I see them finally achieving momentum in those projects that were stagnant and to see them stop making the same mistake of piling on more tasks and feeling overwhelmed!

They can now easily target results, put the pieces in place to achieve them, and use these strategies over and over in all aspects of their life! The Solutions Experience is my signature program that brings you through the process of creating solid, efficient and result-oriented plans! It works every time! But first, I have a SIMPLE set of steps to start tackling this!

Once I put this in place, it was a game changer for me, and has been for so many clients.

This is why I put together My 6 step system for busy women who want to calm anxiety & feel in control without therapy, meditation or finding time they don't have for a spa day”
Try it for yourself! 
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