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GET ON BOARD: 3 common challenges faced by governance boards

Governance work with boards can be a really boring subject for some people - those people are not ME! Over the years, I’ve gained a lot from my personal experiences on various boards as well as the work that I have done with clients. I’ve been the newbie member, the board president, the consultant and the client, and as much as boards are all different, they tend to aspire to the same goals and experience similar challenges.

When meeting with new clients I tend to ask a lot of questions to best understand the board structure, the processes, the relationships and the past/present experience, in order to develop the right strategies to put in place.
There are three common challenges when it comes to Board governance:
1. Overlooking Orientation: Often a Board member will sit at the table 3-4 times before feeling like they clearly understand the process and their role. Usually, it is only once they feel comfortable that they start asking questions, participating and contributing to the meetin…

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