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The #OasisChallenge

What is the #OasisChallenge? 
The Oasis Challenge is an international movement about daily mindfulness 
that encourages you to stop for a moment during your day to be mindful, to breathe, to sip coffee, to be thankful, to assess, to take in the moment. 

I have been doing the #OasisChallenge daily for 2 years now. For me, this consists of drinking my morning coffee, taking time to ponder my day or the events happening in my life, snapping a photo, and blogging about it. That’s it! 
There are no rules: you can choose your own mindfulness routine.

This experience became more powerful than I would have imagined. Sure, it consists of pretty photos and coffee, but more importantly, it has become a moment to reflect. 
It’s surprising how little we do this on a regular basis. I’ve noticed a calm feeling when I do. 

I’ve missed very few days in the past 2 years and I’ve enjoyed having you follow along. Some of you have even joined in! (I post these daily on my Instagram account @lynnedupuis or find t…

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