Solutions: 5 ways to get the littles involved in household changes!

Solutions are possible and accessible for all members of your family!

For the littles, it's important to ensure that you follow the right formula to ensure success!

1. Have a small list of tasks that are possible for someone their age. You can google these, make them up to suit your family, or find lists on Pinterest. Make sure this list actually includes the options that you want them to do!

2. Present this list to them, and have them pick 2-3 of them themselves. Here's the trick though: don't judge them for the ones that they choose! Be super excited and encourage their choices! 

3. Tell them that you will spend time together for a series of days doing these tasks together to learn how to do them really well!  Ensure that you train them - don't assume that they know how, and tell them how great they are doing!  THIS IS A CRUCIAL STEP!

4. Make sure that they have everything they need to start so that they don't give up half way. Ex: Can they easily reach the drawer to put away dishes? Are the beds difficult to make? Do they have baskets to put their toys away? Are the hampers over flowing and making it impossible to actually put clothes in there?

5. Consistency is key. Set up a day for these tasks or a specific time daily. If you have to miss it, have them pick a time on the calendar when they can redo it. 

This is important: Treat your children with respect and empower them with their choices. Be patient and expect that they won't do this perfectly the first times. Encourage their efforts.  

This is a time where we can CHOOSE to empower our children! Let them decide some things... let them feel responsible. 


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