5-minute decluttering projects you can accomplish today!

I’d like you to think about your dream home and how it would make you feel?

I’m will to bet that it’s well organized, tidy, calm and clean. 

Uncluttered spaces give us this feeling. They promote calm, peace, freedom.

It’s not always easy to realize for several reasons: buying things we don’t need, not taking time to create homes for items, not having space, busy schedules. 

Existing clutter attracts more clutter. And as a result, imagining decluttered spaces in our home becomes more and more difficult.

I hear this all the time: It’s going to take MONTHS do get this done!
Minimizing all the clutter in our house over the course of one weekend is not reasonable for most people. 

You must create a realistic goal and timeline, starting small and being consistent. 

Here are SIX 5-minute decluttering projects you can accomplish today:

1.Clear off the top of your bedroom dresser. Bedrooms should promote rest, relaxation, and intimacy—not frazzle and overwhelm.
With focused attention, it will take you less than five minutes to clear off the top of your dresser. And it will change the entire mood in your bedroom. Try it!

2. Tackle a junk drawer. Sure, some junk drawers may take longer than five minutes… If you’ve got the extra time, declutter it completely. However, for a strict five-minute task, set a timer on your watch and see how much of the junk you can remove from the drawer. You may be surprised how much you can remove in that time frame—and how quickly you can accomplish something when you put your mind to it.  Give it a whirl!

3. Clean out a bathroom medicine chest. If empty containers, expired products, and dozens of items no longer used are cluttering up your medicine chest (and probably the cupboards under your sink), take a few minutes and remove everything that can go. Dispose of it wisely.

4.  Clean out your car/vehicle. Too often our vehicles fill up with unnecessary things, you know… the cups, the CDs, the clothes, the extra winter provisions. Get two bags: one for garbage and one for items to relocate. Work fast and remove what doesn’t have to be there. Now enjoy your cleaner vehicle.

5. Put things away, tidy or return things to where they belong. We do a 10 second tidy here! (which usually takes a little longer). Grab a few minutes with your housemate this evening before bed and make sure all misplaced things get taken back to the room or space they belong. If this task seems overwhelming, consider having less! But in the meantime, do your best to embrace the importance of returning items when you’re done with them.


6. Declutter a cupboard or pantry. Many modern homes are filled with duplicate items. One of the places this can be easily noticed is in our kitchen cupboards and pantries. Realistically, how many of these items (dishes, cups, spices, containers) does your household need? Go through them and grab those that are never used, and give yourself some valuable kitchen space.

Your living arrangement right not look like this, or you might have a different space or area to clean, but doing so frees up not only space, but your mind. 

Happy decluttering!


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