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If you come to see with a TIME MANAGEMENT issue, I will listen to you, I will sympathize with you, and then...  I will challenge you to push past that mindset!

You have surely heard the old saying "Give the job to someone who's busy to ensure it gets done"? 

How can that be?! How can THEY get more done, when they have more stuff to do!?

"It must come because they have more motivation than I do", you say. 

"How do I get motivation to do it all too?", you ask.

This is probably the number one issue I get over and over and over again. I literally got hundreds of people last week joining my group, and identifying "MOTIVATION" as their biggest challenge: "How do I find the motivation to do this?"


Imaging not having to stress over the long lists of things you have to do? (Because, let’s face it, this long list of things will always exist!)

Imagine not having to lie in bed awake at night thinking about it all? 

Or better yet, imagine you didn't actually have the time management issue you thought you did!  

Wouldn't that be something?!

I know... I know... you're about to close this blog post because I sounds crazy and I can't possibly know your story.

The clients who have been achieving their goals with the Solutions Experience have ALL SAID THIS and those who have put in the time and effort have all found the strategies they need to push past these worries!! (Note that the worries are still there, but having a methodology to navigate it sure does HELP!!)

What I want to get across to you as you read this blog post is this: I constantly see clients finally beat the overwhelm and the frazzle they experienced on a daily basis.

STOP spending money on motivational books that sit on your table... or stop looking at empty journals and planners. Without the proper steps in place you'll stay in the same spot and sometimes, you spiral even more because now you feel guilty about spending all that time and money!

When clients don't have the steps, they: 

- Lack control on their schedule, which affects their daily clarity.

- Still have a list of things to accomplish, which affects their ability to reach actual accomplishments. 

- Have overwhelm which affects the way they approach new challenges.

The deeper issue is that they are not getting super clear on what they want, (like, really really clear!) and they are not breaking down tasks and prioritizing with an actual systematic process in place. Their SYSTEM is NON existent!

And like the client’s I’ve helped achieve actual goals (big or small), you will be successful too once you implement this.

If you want to get to a point where you feel you have total control, let’s see if my Solutions Experience can work for you first.  I have room on my calendar for a free Exploration Call - book it now!

Then, you have to feel what it feels like to GET SOMETHING DONE!

Try My 6 step system for busy women (and men) who want to calm anxiety & feel in control without therapy, meditation or finding time they don't have for a spa day” 

Try it for yourself for free!! 

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