STRUGGLING TO GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER!? : 5 important ingredients!

Wondering why you struggle to organize your house, figure out a routine, get a good job in your field, deal with your team productively, successfully move forward in your life?

You might be missing 5 important ingredients - without them you are definitely feeling confusion, anxiety, frustration, loss, and like you can’t get anywhere.

Is this you?

“I feel lost” she said. I was sitting at a coffee shop with a client. 

She continued... “I think I have a time management problem. I can’t seem to put the pieces together to make it all fit. I can't accomplish anything”. 

I listened to her talk for a while and said “You don’t have a time management problem.”
She looked at me confused and curious. 

I went on to ask her if she felt frustrated, confused, anxious. And of course she replied YES to all my questions. 

She didn’t have a time management problem, she just didn’t know how to navigate the changes she had been trying to implement in her life. 

She didn’t know how to find focus, how to define the larger vision and ensure the proper steps to get there. A few ingredients were missing or needed definition. She needed to hear that she was, in fact, doing the right things. She just hadn’t set clear intentions for them. 

After a long first discussion, we came up with some key missing pieces that had us all feeling goosebumps! A plan was established and we left there feeling pumped that we had come up with solid strategies to move forward! 

For the next three months, she worked hard to put them in place and totally changed her mindset, got a job she had never thought possible and is also working on professional education pieces to push this further! 

She’s a rockstar! I’m so proud of her! 


In Solutions, I coach you, step by step, on how to go from confusion to clarity! You’ll start feeling it early on as we go through the steps, because you’ll gain confidence, structure, skills, and start to develop a plan to ensure you will successfully achieve the goals, projects or transformation, you want! 

Sound too good to be true? It sounds like there’s a catch, doesn’t it? 

This isn’t some pre-packaged pile of books and documents. This is you and I working out your struggles and pinpointing why they haven’t been giving you the life you want, while applying a structured experience that I develop for individual coaching. 

I’ve helped so many people achieve clarity through this model and I want to share it with you! I want you to unlock change for yourself, we have done this, and so can you!

The Solutions Experience is my signature program that brings you through the process of creating solid, efficient and result-oriented plans! It works every time! 

But first, you have to feel what it feels like to GET SOMETHING DONE!

This is why I put together My 6 step system for busy women (and men) who want to calm anxiety & feel in control without therapy, meditation or finding time they don't have for a spa day” 

Try it for yourself for free!! 

You also get access to my Free Facebook Group called Solutions CafĂ© where I share regular free content to tackle issues JUST LIKE THIS!

What have you got to lose? If your strategies worked, you would have achieved what you wanted already. 

Cheers! Lynne 


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